Steve Champion, in his death row memoir, describes his early life in Los Angeles and the allure for him of the Crips street gang, his incarceration and experience in the U.S. prison system, his life on death row, and his growth and struggle as a human being.

Dead to Deliverance

Edited and foreword by Tom Kerr

The Consolation of Fairy Tales

Shelley Puhak


Fred A. Wilcox

“…Fred Wilcox uses great skill and wit interweaving tales of people struggling for love and redemption, sex and hope—what we all wish for. His characters, though sometimes flawed and lost, are dramatically endearing souls. With just enough sadness to provide a moving story….” --Edward Hower

Adrienne Rich: A Tribute Anthology

Edited by Katharyn Machan, with Foreword by

Judy Grahn & Afterword by Alicia Ostriker. Poems by Marge Piercy, Ellen Bass, and over forty other poets, in celebration of Adrienne Rich.


What the Trees Said

Elizabeth Cohen


"The poems in Elizabeth Cohen's What the Trees Said are full of wonder and surprise. The imagery swoops into spare, dazzling riffs -- tights, evocative, pitch-perfect. Mystery and fire. Magic and innocence. Fresh and haunting. Cohen is linguistically limber and imagistically dazzling."

Jim Daniels,

Author and Thomas Stockham Baker Professor of English at Carnegie Mellon University


No Frame

Sleeping Dogs: A True Story of the Lindberg Baby Kidnapping....

Mike Foldes

A deathbed confession. A gun encased in concrete. And the possibility that both could have kept Bruno Richard Hauptmann from going to the electric chair for the kidnap and murder of Charles A. Lindbergh Jr.

No Frame